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Gateway / Basic Introduction
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Meraki (pronounced may-rah-kee); Greek: Doing something with soul, creativity, or love. It’s when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing.

What is Meraki Academy?

Meraki Academy is a highly immersive, forum-based, alternate-realm fantasy RPG with a strong focus on character development and player interaction. There will be the main storyline with special events that players will participate in while they develop their own individual subplots with other characters via posts in various forums.

No previous RP experience is necessary, and while there are no minimum requirements for participation, please, keep in mind that this community depends on the activity of its members to be successful. Don't be shy about introducing yourself, asking questions, or posting. There are places on the forums where you can meet other people to play with, both in and out of character, such as The Chatterbox (out-of-character chat for non-members as well as members), The Grotto (for out-of-character and non-game chat between members), or the Student Lounge (in-character chat), or you can check the Flash Board for Academy clubs that are looking for members. Headmistress Kiru is always happy to help a wandering soul in need, so players can pop into the Main Office if they need help.

The world of Meraki:

Meraki is a sprawling city that exists on a tiny planet in a realm parallel to our own. The city was founded by a group of Fae beings known as the Luminara. They came to Earth aeons ago to find a group of very special souls who were left behind when the original inhabitants of the planet left. When they arrived, they found that a series of barriers had been constructed around Earth’s solar system, preventing them from approaching the planet. So, the Luminara built Meraki City in an adjacent realm and waited for the time when gateways could again be opened between the two. Those individuals who possess a specific type of Spark (a form of cosmic energy) in their soul are extended an invitation by Diora, the Gatekeeper, to attend Meraki Academy.

Where is Meraki Academy? Aka, where are the boards?

In an effort to discourage bots, trolls, and other such horrid creatures, we have designed Meraki Academy to be a bit elusive. If you are not a member or not signed into your account, the Gateway and its sub-forums are the only things that will be visible, but here, you can learn the basics of the game, ask questions, and even chat with both members and non-members. We also have a forum called Glimpse Beyond the Veil where our members can post their art and mini-stories from the role play to share with those who are curious or thinking about joining.

Part of the sign-up process for the Academy involves taking a simple, twelve question placement test that will determine which of the four dorm rooms you will call home for the duration of your stay. These dorms, or Houses, include; The House of the Northern Star, The House of the Eastern Rose, The House of the Southern Sword, and The House of the Western Moon.

You will notice that one of the questions in the placement test asks you to choose a set of three abilities. These groups represent what a stereotypical member of each House might choose to focus on and will help guide you to the correct place within the Academy. Similarly, there is a question regarding which of the rare abilities you would most like to acquire. There is a brief description of the basic and rare abilities in the Meraki Magic section. This will help you know which answer suits you best and lead you to the proper dorm.

As soon as you're placed into a House, the entire Academy will reveal itself to your eyes. Your character can participate on a variety of boards. They may choose to wander the Academy Grounds; visit the Library or Cafeteria; “hang out” in the Student Lounge, where we have student-run (and Headmistress approved) clubs; or meet the other members of their dorm. Each House has a specific forum that is limited to its own members. This is to ensure privacy when the Academy hosts competitions between Houses and to help promote a sense of community within the dorms.

Finally, if you are still in the process of creating your character or you’re waiting for a response from your RP-partners (or any other reason that you’re not playing at the moment), you can post out-of-character in “The Grotto”: a members-only forum for general discussion. There are sections for a variety of topics from anime to movies to Asian ball-jointed dolls. More forums will be considered at the request of our members.

Character Creation:

The development of a well-rounded character is a big part of Meraki’s purpose. The majority of that development will take place as you interact and play with other members, but you will need to start somewhere. Once you sign up for the site, the Arrival Gate will provide everything you need to get started. The Admissions Department includes a starting biography sheet to fill out. This will serve as a guide to ensure that your character meets the criteria for the Academy. (Everyone is human coming into the city, but they won't necessarily stay that way. That's all I'm saying.)

You will be asked to choose six, eight, or ten abilities to begin developing in the first year. This will make up your class schedule and give your character some direction on their magical path. Most abilities will have specialization options that open once higher levels are reached. This allows for a more personalized touch to your academy experience. Abilities can be leveled up by spending Spark points, which can be earned by signing in, posting, commenting, participating in courses, and doing assignments. There will also be extra credit projects and more.

About the Academy:

Meraki Academy runs on a nine-month school schedule with classes for the current year beginning on September 1, 2017 and ending May 31, 2018. There are three, holiday breaks during the year, which are detailed in the Student Handbook. During these times, students can participate in school events or catch up on past assignments or do extra credit work. There are no set deadlines for the monthly course assignments, so they can be done at any time during the school year.

As previously mentioned, there are four dorms within the Academy. The history of their names and creation can be found in the Arrival Gate. Each House has its own nickname, colors, rare ability, elemental force associations, and reputation. While many factors are taken into consideration when the entrance test is administered, the elemental force that resonates with a student’s soul is the most important aspect in the placement decision. Choose carefully.

Along with classes, there will be a number of events to participate in during the school year; holiday festival events, talent shows, various types of competitions, a yearbook, and more. This is in addition to the everyday fun like hanging out in the dorm or Student Lounge, studying in the Library, practicing in the Training Arena, or participating in student clubs.

Meraki Magic

Every student that has been chosen to attend Meraki Academy possesses a particular Spark in their soul that allows them to perform magic. The purpose of attending the Academy is to relearn and develop this gift. Students will participate in courses to help them master the various abilities, which can then be used in various ways throughout the game. Spells and general magic usage are explained in more detail in the Student Handbook and during classes.

Basic Ability List

1. Animal speak (allows user to speak with animals)
2. Aura (increases physical traits such as strength, endurance, stamina, etc.)
3. Divination (reading omens of the future)
4. Fetching (summons existing objects to user)
5. Healing (level determines extent of damage that can be recovered)
6. Infusion (enchanting inanimate objects with Spark to create charms, talismans, etc.)
7. Linking (connecting to elemental forces, often for offensive magic)
8. Potions (creating Spark-infused liquids with various purposes)
9. Shielding (defensive magic techniques)
10. Summoning (request the aid of other magical beings)
11. Telepathy (communicate with the power of your mind)
12. Technolight (creating Spark-powered technological devices)

Specialized Ability List (Coming Soon)

Rare Ability List

1. Gating - open gateways in the fabric of space
2. Manifesting - create objects with a thought
3. Shapeshifting - become anyone or anything
4. Weaving - play with time

In Closing:

This is just a simple look at the world of Meraki Academy. If you have questions, please, leave them in the Question and Answer forum, and we will respond as soon as possible. Don’t forget, you can also chat with members or other potential members in The Chatterbox. To explore the game further, sign up and explore the Arrival Gate forums for additional information. Come see what we have to offer. Aside from story building and character creation, we strive to provide a safe, friendly community for our members to make friends and inspire one another. Should this concept speak to your heart, we would love to have you join us. Discover the magic of a hidden world. Discover Meraki.
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